13 Reasons Why You Should Not Fear Getting Old

“The overriding, positive thing about turning 50 is that you go from ‘You don’t look your age’ to ‘You look pretty darn good for your age.’ There’s this tremendous pressure off-you deserve to have a wrinkle, you deserve to have a little pooch on your tummy.” -Michelle Pfeiffer

We cannot stop time. Sooner or later, we have to say goodbye to our wrinkle-free face. As what we are always reminded of, “Aging is inevitable.” Many people are terrified of getting old, but you should not be. Four Seasons Hospice, a Hospice Care in San Antonio, Texas, compiles thirteen reasons why aging is not a scary phenomenon.

  • Wrinkles signify your strength. Contrary to what society wants us to believe, wrinkles do not mean you are ugly. In fact, there are many people who look beautiful with wrinkles. Also, wrinkles are proof that you surpassed all the storms that came your way.
  • You do get better as you age. We are not talking about the physical aspects. What we mean is that old age makes you smarter. It enables you to come up with wise decisions.
  • It makes you a great counselor. Elders give the best pieces of advice. Thanks to their long years of life experiences. Your children and grandchildren are going to bombard you with many questions that require some bits of advice. So prepare yourself.
  • The senior population is considered as the happiest age group. Several studies have shown that as you grow old, you become happier.
  • You do not fear eternal rest. Aging may bring people closer to eternal sleep, but you have less fear about it compared to younger individuals.
  • It imposes fewer responsibilities. You do not need to cook to feed the entire clan! They will be the ones who will be serving you.
  • It gives you authority. Do you recall what elders usually say to you as a kid? “Respect your elders. Do whatever they ask you to do.” Guess who is in control now?
  • You get to enjoy senior discounts. You pay less for dining, entertainment, transportation, medications, and much more. How great is that!
  • You become more satisfied with little things. Material things no longer matter to you. You start to define happiness as something that money cannot buy: love.
  • You worry less. You have probably gone through more difficult situations, and you were able to survive. You are confident that you can make it through anything.
  • You no longer care what other people think of you. You are too old for that!
  • Old age allows you to develop more meaningful bonds. It does not matter how many friends you have. Keeping the real ones is what matters most.
  • It is a normal part of life. We all get old!

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