5 Steps That Can Help You Give Support

5 Steps That Can Help You Give Support

Your friend, relative or loved one is left with a couple of months. This is a trying period in their life and you want to show them that they aren’t alone. There may not be much time, but there’s still a lot you can do to show them that they are important and that they matter.
Here’s how you can prepare and become their beacon of hope:

  • Gather Your Thoughts.

    Stay focused. It is an imperative step to understand your own emotions before you can effectively act as someone they can rely on. You cannot be their anchor if you are easily swayed. Give yourself time to grasp the entirety of the situation. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what could help them the most.

  • Listen.

    Keeping an open line of communication is vital. People react in various ways. Accept how they feel about their predicament. Know what they are comfortable with and what puts them in a state of unease. Learn to read between the lines. Often, what isn’t said gives a lot more insight compared to words which are spoken.

  • Have Presence.

    You’ve made your resolve to act like a pillar. Now it is time to play the part. Be there when they need you but respect their boundaries. Allow them some space. You don’t have to be intrusive just to let them know that you will not abandon them. Give them a reason to look forward. It doesn’t always have to be something fancy. Sometimes, even the simple things give much more meaning.

  • Be Patient.

    Help them through the changes. It may be difficult to remain constant, but realize that you are now a source of their strength. Be a gentle reminder that there are still a lot of things they can achieve. Become the light that shines in their darkest hour.

  • Have a Kind Voice.

    Putting a smile on their face might be challenging, but learn to appreciate contentment. You don’t always have to speak words of encouragement. You’ll find that reassurance, wisdom, a casual conversation, or an even a corny joke works quite just as well. Perhaps, even better.

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