7 Effective Communication Tips for Senior Citizens with Hearing Deficiency

Imagine the world where there is no sound. Not a single hiss or scratch, just pure silence. Do you find it peaceful? Most likely. However, add up to your imagination that there are people around and you cannot hear them. Not a song, a word, a letter. Does it still feel peaceful? Probably not. It might even feel chaotic inside your heart due to the frustration of not connecting to them.

Old age brings changes to the body, especially to the auditory system. Being able to hear well is essential for a comfortable living. Senior citizens must have it rough.

Having problems connecting with elderly loved ones that cannot hear well? It must have been tough. Follow these tips for better communication with them:

  • Speak slowly. Properly pronounce words and speak at a slower speed. You are not trying to win a tongue twister contest, you are communicating. As much as possible, be at a rate where your senior loved one can catch up with you.
  • Face their direction. Facing your senior loved one while talking will make them aware that you are attempting to connect with them. According to body language, it is an implication that you are requiring their attention and you want them to listen to you.
  • Do not cover your face while talking. When people talk, it is an instinct to look at faces, especially the mouth. To aid smooth and efficient communication, keep your face free from obstructions.
  • Remove any sound distortions. With weaker ears, the elderly may fail to grasp what you are saying if there are too many sounds occurring together. Basic examples are stereos and television sets. It is best recommended to lower the volumes before talking.
  • Do not be too far. Distance can distort sound too. The distortion can even worsen if there are physical barriers like walls. Be within a reasonable distance. For seniors, being too far while talking may be taken as being disinterested.
  • Have patience. Always keep in mind that their sense of hearing is hampered. It will take time to communicate with them. You should not give up on them because if you do, who else would? Just take it easy. Sooner, you will get the hang of it.
  • Do not shout. As much as possible, keep your voice at a normal volume. Shouting at seniors can be easily misinterpreted as being disrespectful.

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