Bereavement Program: Service Extending Beyond the End


Facing death may be one of the most challenging feats one can take. Being given a timeline of your last days is a hard pill to swallow if you are affected by a life-limiting condition. But, through hospice care in San Antonio, Texas, achieving quality of life near the end of life is possible.

The services you receive in hospice are almost the same as home health care in San Antonio, Texas. You still get the assistance of medical professionals, caregivers, therapists, and more. In other words, you can continue to live life even without independence because of their support. The only difference is you receive hospice near the end of life, while home health care at any time you need. And while our loved ones may feel delighted to see us receiving quality senior care in San Antonio, Texas, the thought that we may be gone soon is depressing. It is why hospice care continues despite your passing. Through bereavement support and grief counseling, your loved ones are cared for even after your passing. They receive:

  • Help in organizing memorial services
  • Counseling, support, and therapy for the mourning process
  • Access to community bereavement services, both public and private
  • Assistance on how to handle grief and moving forward after a loss

At Four Seasons Hospice, you can expect to receive services after the loss of your loved one. We promise to provide counseling and chaplain services while taking into account your religious affiliation. Being VA contracted, we also welcome veterans who want to receive home health care and other care services. Contact us, and let us journey together in the healing process.

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