Blog 10 Things You Should Never Say to a Stranger Diagnosed with Cancer

Cancer is a sensitive topic and this is especially true for someone who has been diagnosed with it. When talking to a person who has cancer, you have to be extra careful about your choice of words. You do not want to make them feel worse. Four Seasons Hospice is a Hospice Care in San Antonio, Texas. We are here to list down some of the things you should never say to a cancer-stricken person:

  • “You will be okay.” We know that you mean it well. But telling someone that they are going to be okay is like giving false hopes. No one can ultimately know that they will be okay. Stop being overly optimistic.
  • “What…How…Why…” Stop asking too many questions about cancer. Chances are they also do not know about it. This can also just make them more upset.
  • “I know someone who has cancer, but they were able to” Never compare their coping abilities with other people who have the same condition as them. Remember that everyone is different and everyone with cancer copes up differently.
  • “You look good!” Do not throw compliments (unless they are true). If they look hideous, then just avoid commenting about how they look.
  • “This is actually making me sad.” You do not know them well. Telling them that you are sad about their condition may just trigger a mental breakdown. They are trying to keep their emotions in place.
  • “You are a strong person.” This can make the person feel restricted. When you expect them to be strong, this lets them think that they are not allowed to show any signs of vulnerability.
  • “Are you a heavy smoker?” While that may be a fact, now is not the right time to point fingers. Would that cure cancer? Nope.
  • “At least you are not diagnosed with the worst type of cancer.” There is no good cancer. No matter what type of cancer the person has, it is still cancer. It still threatens their life.
  • “You can beat this, just like the others.” Your reason for saying this may be to encourage the person to keep on fighting, but they may take it in a bad light. For instance, they may think that those who passed away due to cancer did not fight enough.
  • “If I were in your place” Do not tell them what you would do if you were in their situation. Because you are not in the right position to tell them. They are the ones who have been diagnosed with cancer. You do not have it. So you do not know how it feels to have the disease.

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