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Can a Person with Terminal Illness Still Exercise?

Can a Person with Terminal Illness Still Exercise?

We know that exercising is ideal for the overall health of every person. But is this still necessary for persons receiving hospice care? When a patient is already receiving hospice care in San Antonio, Texas, then they are already diagnosed with a terminal illness. Well, a review of several studies says that exercising contributes to the overall wellness of patients. This is so, even when they are already admitted to hospice care.

So, how beneficial is doing exercises for those with a terminal illness?

  • Exercises improve physical wellness that includes the following:
    • Boosts one’s energy for the day as exercising releases the happy hormones
    • Helps improve blood pressure and circulation
    • Reduces the instances of pain and fatigue, among others
  • The active lifestyle also boosts the patient’s mental well-being, such as follows:
    • Promotes the sense of relaxation
    • Improves the sleep patterns that result in better thinking and concentration
    • Enhances good mood
    • Reduces anxiety, stress, and the tendency for depression
    • Enables alertness

With the above benefits, it is still important to consider one more factor: can our terminally ill loved one still exercise?

When your loved one gets home health care in San Antonio, Texas, caregivers supervise their daily activities and wellness. In this arrangement, your loved one can indeed exercise whether they are mobile, in a wheelchair, or lying in bed.

More Considerations about Exercising

When our loved one is already terminally ill, it may not be that easy to encourage them to exercise. Yet, if you want them to maintain this active lifestyle, here are additional reminders to keep in mind.

  • Consult the Doctor
    Your loved one’s doctor should give their approval first as to what kinds of exercise regimen are appropriate for their condition. You would need the assurance that their activities will contribute to their overall wellness even as they journey to the end of life.
  • Know the Number of Activities
    For patients in hospice care, their active days are not the same every day. Hence, find the balance as to how much exercise they should do at that particular time. For instance, when your loved one is up to it, you can walk up and down the stairs together. If not, you can massage their arms and legs while they sit in their wheelchairs.
  • Select Activities
    Exercise routines need not be in gyms. When you have the doctor’s or therapist’s approval, you can perform these healthy regimens at home. If you need help, seek providers of senior care in San Antonio, Texas to assist you.


There are many kinds of routines that terminally ill patients can do to exercise. With regular activities, they can have more sense of life and living. So, this promotes a better perspective of their transition to the last days.

If you’re also interested in getting more help for their end-of-life care, call Four Seasons Hospice for more assistance.

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