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Common Hospice Myths That Should Be Debunked

Common Hospice Myths That Should Be Debunked

Hospice care is a type of care provided by a team of healthcare professionals to patients with life-threatening health conditions. It offers support both to the patients and their families. Unfortunately, there are still families who are not aware of the true function of hospice care in San Antonio Texas. Thus, they tend to dismiss it until it’s too late. To prevent such situations from happening, we might need to debunk some of the common hospice myths for you.

  • Hospice care is only provided in a special facility.

    This is false. Hospice care can be provided wherever the patient would like to receive it. If they want to stay in their homes, then the hospice care team will be at their home.

  • Hospice care is only for cancer patients.

    All patients with life-limiting diseases are eligible to receive hospice care. This type of care is not limited to cancer patients only. Examples of life-limiting illnesses are AIDS, Alzheimer’s disease, other dementia-related conditions, cardiopulmonary disease, neurological conditions, and others.

  • Hospice is only given for the last few days of the patient’s life.

    This is not true. Patients will become eligible if they have 6 months or less to live, not DAYS. Ensuring an early admission is better. That way, the patient and their family can receive a lot of benefits.

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