Common Physical Changes Senior Citizens Experience

In this dynamic world we live in, nothing is constant except change. We experience constant shifting, modification, and alteration in our lives every single day. For instance, at one time we are living with the full capacity of our body then one moment, we get sick due to random circumstances.

Consequently, we experience gradual changes in our physique from time to time. Since infancy, we have noticed how we have grown taller, chubbier and skinnier again. All of us might have also observed how we have learned new skills which we never imagined to acquire a few years back.

As a result of all these inevitable changes, our body gradually deteriorates as we reach the age of 70. Nobody knows when it will hit you, so Four Seasons Hospice opines that you take note of these changes in order that you will know what to do whenever it comes:

  • Dry Skin. The oil glands inside our body slowly produce less and less oil as we age and this makes our skin dry. When the skin becomes dry for a longer period of time, it becomes less elastic, more lined and hence, wrinkles come out. If you want to stop or at least mitigate the drying up of your skin, make sure to use moisturizer regularly and put on sunscreen and sun-protective clothing every day.
  • Thinner and White Hair. The changes in your hair are normal and are usually unavoidable. If you will notice, your hairs on the scalp, pubic area and armpit slowly become less and for most, they become white. White hair is caused by the decline in number of hair pigment cells in our body.
  • Blurry Vision. A majority of people necessitates the use of reading glasses once they reach the age of 40. This happens because the natural lenses in our eyes become less flexible causing our blurry vision. Nonetheless, experts say that this is normal and the only thing we can do to maintain the well-being of our eyes is through eating eye-healthy foods.
  • Less Sleep. When you reach seniority, you might observe that you could not sleep as deeply as you did decades ago; or probably, it is no longer as easy to sleep as when you were 40. As observed by caregivers from Hospice Care in San Antonio Texas, this lack of sleep is often due to the changes of our pattern of sleep or it may be a result of some illness or medication.
  • Declined Hearing. The numerous physiological changes that come with ageing are the primary reasons why it becomes harder for seniors to hear and speak clearly. It has been reported that these changes hasten when we reach 55.

There is no accurate measurement of when we will actually begin to feel these physical changes for they oftentimes depend on the lifestyle of each person. Nevertheless, since we already know it will come, every Home Health Care in San Antonio Texas would suggest that we revamp our lifestyles and live a healthy one.

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