Deciding When to Stop Dialysis


Some dialysis patients may come to a point in their lives wherein they feel that they want to stop treatment. Sometimes, this feeling can be triggered by the notion that dialysis is no longer maintaining or improving their quality of life. If this does occur, you must know that you have the right to decide to stop dialysis.

Before dialysis patients can stop receiving dialysis treatment completely, they must discuss their reasons first with their doctors and the whole medical team attending to their case. Once your medical team knows your intentions, they can then determine if any improvements should be made to affect your decision. Your family and friends must also know about this decision. It is important to make your feelings and plans, if any, known to them so that you can be guided as well.

Our senior care in San Antonio, Texas can assist dialysis patients who decide to stop treatment as they can be considered in need of daily assistance. Our team of professionals can also encourage you to speak with a mental health professional if you require it to make you understand the impact of your decision.

The length of one’s life after dialysis varies from person to person, depending on the amount of kidney function they have left and overall medical condition. Usually, people who choose to stop dialysis avail of hospice care, such as our hospice care in San Antonio, Texas. You are eligible for either a home hospice care program or a hospice facility.

If you wish to choose hospice care, call Four Seasons Hospice today. We will be glad to help you attain the best quality of life for you. We also offer home health care in San Antonio, Texas.

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