Do You Need Palliative or Hospice Care?

Do You Need Palliative or Hospice Care?

If you have a senior loved one who needs health care, you may be considering either palliative or hospice care. However, what is the difference between these two? As a provider of senior care in San Antonio Texas, we often get asked this question.

Both offer relief from pain and symptoms of serious illnesses and provide emotional, social, and spiritual help for the patients and their families. In fact, hospice care is a form of palliative. Here are some of their key differences:

Palliative care is a general term that can be administered upon a person at any stage of illness. Palliative care can be offered as soon as a diagnosis is provided and can go on as the patient is being treated. Hospice care is provided when the treatment of the disease is stopped, and a life expectancy is determined.

While hospice does not seek to cure the illness, it aims to manage the pain and its symptoms to improve the quality of life of the patient. This is the best option if your senior loved one finds it too burdensome to have frequent hospital visits and would rather spend quality time at home with their family.

Are you in need of hospice care in San Antonio Texas? We at Four Seasons Hospice can provide a holistic approach to care.

We provide home health care in San Antonio Texas to ensure that the needs of our clients are met in all aspects.

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