Emotional Signs your Loved One Have at the End of Life

Everything has a beginning and an end. This principle is evident in a person’s life. Things start when someone breathes his or her first breath. And it all comes to an end when he or she breathes his or her last.

It is hard for anyone of us to face the end of someone’s life. This is even harder when the person is someone close to us. Yet, we cannot stop time. Furthermore, all of us will someday come face to face with our loved one’s end.

Here are some of the emotional signs that your loved ones are at the end of their lives:

  • Making final decisions Are your beloved elderlies giving away their belongings? Do they suddenly make funeral plans? Because we have been providing Hospice Care in San Antonio Texas, we have noticed that almost all of our patients manifest these actions.
  • It is common for people to want to make the final decisions for their life, the people around them and their belongings. Though it may be emotionally hard, it is essential that you respect their decisions throughout their lives. They appreciate it when you respect their decisions.
  • Detaching and withdrawing If you have noticed that your loved one is in a comatose-like state, withdrawn and unresponsive, he or she may be detaching. This is typical for those who are at the end of their life. To help these individuals, you can simply speak to them in your normal voice.
  • Even if they seem to have gone, their sense of hearing still remains for a few minutes. As a Senior Care in San Antonio Texas, we encourage the families and friends of our patient to help their loved one let go. They can do so by:
  • Talking to them normally
  • Identifying yourself
  • Holding their hand
  • Saying what you want and need to say
  • Speaking to deceased people We know this may be scary but it is just a normal occurrence in Four Seasons Hospice. It is typical for those who are almost crossing the other side to speak as if they are talking to those who have expired already.
    This is not any form of hallucination or even a reaction to a drug. This is just normal. You can help them by not contradicting in any way. It is also respectful to not explain away simply dismount their experience. If your loved one is frightened by the vision-like experiences, be there to reassure them.

All the mentioned end-of-life signs and symptoms are typical and expected of. Some may show these signs, others may not. The important thing is that you and the whole family have been there with them during the whole process.

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