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End-of-Life Care Tips for Hospice Care Patients

End-of-Life Care Tips for Hospice Care Patients

It’s heartbreaking to find out when a senior loved one is about to pass on. Regular home health care in San Antonio, Texas won’t be enough to keep them comfortable in their final days. It is imperative to give them specialized care according to their condition. Hospice should be carried out meticulously. At the same time, ensure that the senior lives comfortably as they reach the end of their journey.

While you may not be able to change anything about your loved one’s condition, you can still ensure that they live the rest of their life in great comfort. Here are some comfort measures to take advantage of for a senior loved one in hospice.

  • If your loved one is no longer drinking or eating…

    Some seniors no longer have an appetite. Their condition may have affected how their stomach functions. However, most of the time, seniors don’t eat because it is painful to chew or swallow because their mouth has become dry. Prevent mouth dryness with proper hydration or letting your senior loved one much on ice chips. It might also help if you apply a layer of petroleum jelly to their lips.

  • If your loved one has shallow or labored breathing…

    Breathing can sometimes become difficult for seniors. If you notice them having labored breathing, turn their head to the side. This will remove some pressure from their lungs. Don’t forget to place a pillow beneath their head for comfort. Consider using oxygen or a humidifier as well. Lastly, check with the team offering hospice care in San Antonio, Texas if medication is needed.

  • If your loved one has difficulty speaking…

    If the senior is only having difficulties speaking, then be patient as they talk to you. But, if they are no longer capable of speaking, be the one to talk instead. Use a soothing voice when speaking to them. This should help ease their worries and frustration. You can hold their hand to give them physical reassurance too.

  • If your loved one is suffering from chronic pain…

    Experiencing chronic pain will become normal as the senior’s ailment progresses. Consider asking the medical team to adjust the senior’s pain medication. Consider giving the senior a gentle massage too. There are many ways to help reduce pain for seniors so tap into those to alleviate the pain your loved one feels.

  • If your loved one is agitated…

    An older adult who is receiving senior care in San Antonio, Texas can become agitated or confused. If this happens, people who are familiar with the senior should come to calm them down. Don’t forget to reassure them that they are in the company of the people who care for them.

It is common for seniors to feel pain as they reach the end of their journey. At Four Seasons Hospice, we will do our best to offer quality hospice care to your loved one. Seniors can still live in peace and comfort during these trying times, after all.

Do you have tips to share on how to deal with seniors in hospice? Let us know!

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