A Day in the Life of a Hospice Care Patient

Hospice care in San Antonio Texas focuses on end-of-life care for patients whose condition is incurable and who are expected to live six months or less. Its objective is to ensure that a person enjoys the last days of life by receiving support, assistance with pain management, nursing care, and more. Through this, the person … Continue reading

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Hospice Care: The Five Stages of Grief

Death is inevitable. It is the conclusion of one’s life on earth. Some may leave the world unexpectedly, while people diagnosed with an incurable illness or life-limiting condition are given a timeline. While others consider this appalling, it can also be a blessing for others as they can spend most of their time with their … Continue reading

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About the Holistic End-of-Life Care

Old age, a life-limiting illness, and chronic disease are factors that some people consider to be the end. But at Four Seasons Hospice, we disagree. We firmly believe that despite these limiting conditions, one can live life to the fullest through hospice care in San Antonio, Texas. Hospice care is provided to someone given a … Continue reading

Bereavement Program: Service Extending Beyond the End

Facing death may be one of the most challenging feats one can take. Being given a timeline of your last days is a hard pill to swallow if you are affected by a life-limiting condition. But, through hospice care in San Antonio, Texas, achieving quality of life near the end of life is possible. The … Continue reading

Ways How Hospice Care Improves Quality of Life

Some people only see hospice care as a type of care that is only needed if the patient is in his or her end-of-life stage. But hospice care is more than that. It can do a lot more in enhancing the quality of life of an individual with chronic illness. Here’s how hospice care in … Continue reading

Why Choose Our Hospice Care Services

We understand how the concept of hospice care works. It is where the physical, emotional, and spiritual pains of a patient are met with comfort, care, and understanding. Hospice is a philosophy of care that centers on the patient’s comfort and quality of life rather than focusing on the treatment of the illness. Hospice care … Continue reading