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Maintaining the Dignity of Loved Ones in Hospice

People who suffer from health decline need hospice care in San Antonio Texas. At this phase of their condition, their bodies are already unable to function properly. Thus, they will need extensive help from care providers and family members to fulfill various daily chores. Even though they need help most of the time, maintaining their dignity is also essential. How can … Continue reading

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What You Should Know about Kidney Failure

Those living with kidney failure often take advantage of home health care in San Antonio Texas. Through these services, care providers can help manage their health conditions as well as complete their home chores. Defining Kidney Failure Just like other organs in your body, your kidneys play a huge role in your health. The kidneys filter … Continue reading

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Managing Bedsores in Terminally Ill Loved Ones

Patients in their life-limiting stage are at risk of developing bedsores. These sores, also known as skin ulcers, are skin breakouts or lesions that come from constant pressure between the skin and the surface. The sores happen when the pressure stays for a long time. This means that the patient is also maintaining the same … Continue reading

Can a Person with Terminal Illness Still Exercise?

We know that exercising is ideal for the overall health of every person. But is this still necessary for persons receiving hospice care? When a patient is already receiving hospice care in San Antonio, Texas, then they are already diagnosed with a terminal illness. Well, a review of several studies says that exercising contributes to … Continue reading