Knowing Your Hospice Team: Why It Matters

Care is a human relationship. Whether you are the one receiving care or the one providing it, there are benefits to establishing a relationship with each other. For example, clients in hospice care face challenges that can become lighter with a more friendly care provider. Getting to know the people behind your care is important … Continue reading

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Improving Quality of Life Through Pain Management

A tiny pinch can be easily dismissed but when it continues to persist, that tiny pain can be a huge problem. Pain – no matter how small – can be a source of discomfort and inconvenience. Patients receiving medical treatment or recovering post-surgery relate to how much pain can make their day uncomfortable. Some medical … Continue reading

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Why Consider Personalized Care Service?

Seniors around the globe need access to quality personalized care service. There are options around and available like the home health care in San Antonio Texas. You get to have a more focused care team when a specialized plan of care service is chosen. Hiring specialists that can focus on the medical conditions of your … Continue reading

Things to Know About Nursing Assessment

Nursing assessment is important to know the best skills needed in a care plan for a skilled nurse. You should know that it is offered by a home health care in San Antonio Texas. Some conditions are manageable and accidents that are preventable with expert help. What happens is that nursing assessment gathers up the … Continue reading

Tips on What to Do When You Visit Your Loved One on Hospice

Availing hospice care in San Antonio Texas for your loved one with a terminal illness is the best decision that you have done. However, if you stay in another city or place that is far from your loved one’s home or where they are receiving hospice care, then you should always make time to visit … Continue reading

What to Do When Your Loved One with Terminal Illness Doesn’t Want to Eat

The more our loved ones get sicker, the more their appetite decreases. That is why as their family members, we still need to make sure that they get their daily nutrition. But it is not always easy, convincing them to eat more might be a hard and challenging task. That is why availing of home … Continue reading