Hospice Care: The Five Stages of Grief


Death is inevitable. It is the conclusion of one’s life on earth. Some may leave the world unexpectedly, while people diagnosed with an incurable illness or life-limiting condition are given a timeline. While others consider this appalling, it can also be a blessing for others as they can spend most of their time with their loved ones through hospice care in San Antonio Texas. It is not just ideal for the patient, but also for their loved ones as they receive bereavement care while experiencing some or all stages of losing a loved one.

  • Denial

    The grieving process may start with denial. As they receive the news, some may get second or third opinions from other doctors.

  • Anger

    As doctors and physicians give home health care in San Antonio Texas, the patient or their loved ones may yell at them due to frustration.

  • Bargaining

    Here, a false sense of hope arises from someone’s thoughts. A lot of what-ifs enter our minds and try to make a deal with God.

  • Depression

    After realizing that bargaining does not work, a person enters the stage of depression. They feel empty, numb, or lost hope in life. Even if receiving senior care in San Antonio Texas is essential, they would rather stay alone.

  • Healing

    This stage does not mean that a person has accepted the loss of a loved one, but they start to get a sense of reality back. They also engage with others and slowly return to their normal life.

Some people may experience all of these stages, while others won’t. But whatever the case, Four Seasons Hospice, a VA contracted hospice care provider, will be with you throughout the grieving process. Contact us.

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