How to Say Goodbye to a Beloved who is about to Pass On

Sayonara, au revoir, adios, ciao, selamat tinggal, farewell…

All people have their own language of saying goodbye. Some even have unique and nonverbal ways of sending off a person they crossed paths with. These events of parting can be for a short period of time while others can last a lifetime.

Being in the crossroads with someone who is about to pass on is extremely devastating. This is most especially true when both you and the other person on the line are not yet ready to part from each other. However, there will eventually be a time for you to break out those words no matter how painful they are.

How to properly say goodbye to someone:

  • Stop waiting for the right time Time is your enemy at this point for you will never know when your beloved will be going to the other side. Do not wait for miracles or for the “right time”. In fact, the right time is now. Even when doctors say your loved one may only have months to live, they cannot really pinpoint the day or time it will happen.
  • Don’t keep their hopes up From experience, we learned that it is better to blurt out the truth rather than hide it until all is lost. It is okay to reassure your loved one but doing so will only hurt him or her. As a provider of Hospice Care in San Antonio Texas, it pains to see patients who are on their last days. But what is even more painful is when everyone is positively saying that it will not happen. What do you think will the patient feel at the people’s sympathy? What will you feel if you are in the patient’s shoes?
  • Be there for them Because of all the pain, we understand that some people do not want to show up during their loved one’s final moment. But doing so will then end up in regret. The least you can do is to be physically there for them in the most heartbreaking part of their life.
  • Keep water under the bridge where it should be No family is perfect. And when a parent is about to leave the world and his or her children are not in good terms, it is better if everyone can mend their relationships even if it seems impossible. When it’s someone you truly care about, you can overlook the past and finally come to terms with the present.

Four Seasons Hospice is a provider of Home Health Care in San Antonio Texas. We believe that family members should be with their terminally ill loved one the moment he or she takes the last breath. Let your loved one meet their maker in a place they are close and familiar with. Go to our website at to learn more.

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