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How to Treat Terminally Ill Loved Ones’ Loss of Appetite

How to Treat Terminally Ill Loved Ones’ Loss of Appetite

Your loved ones’ loss of appetite may be disturbing, even at a hospice setting such as hospice care in San Antonio Texas. This may be due to their difficulty of swallowing, digestion, sore mouth, or other illnesses and treatment side effects. Here are some ways you can support your loved ones at this phase:

  • Be supportive, not pushy.

    Remember that they may want to eat but their serious illnesses stand in their way of doing so. Pushing them to eat may only add up to their frustration. You can invite your family to share meals at the bedside to enhance your ill loved ones’ appetite.

  • Offer their favorite foods.

    You don’t need to worry so much about feeding your loved one the right diet. Find foods instead that whet their appetite bolstered with calories. If your loved one has an impaired vision, make meals more tempting by using colorful foods with different textures.

  • Allow them to eat smaller, but frequent meals.

    To increase their calorie intake, offer them small portions of meals every day. Snacking takes off the pressure for eating large meals, which is what a home health care in San Antonio Texas normally does.

  • Avoid strong food odors.

    A terminal illness affects both the person’s sense of taste and smell. Avoid serving your loved ones with certain foods that they find nauseating.

Let a provider of senior care in San Antonio Texas such as Four Seasons Hospice help you take care of your terminally ill loved ones.

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