Just a Distraction: Mental Pain Relief


Is it possible to get relief from pain without the usual medications? The answer can be “yes”— but with some background story.

As your leading choice for senior care in San Antonio, Texas, we understand the importance of pain management. Our seniors should be given more time to enjoy themselves and their families and not limited by pain.

In hospice care in San Antonio, Texas, we try our best to manage the pain and symptoms of our patients. We use a variety of proven pain relief techniques until we find which gives the best result for the specific patient.

One interesting technique is the use of mental distractions to block the processing of pain. The source of pain still remains, even the feeling itself. But instead of having the brain recognize the painful sensation, the brain is “preoccupied” and thinking something else, hence the “distraction.”

According to the study entitled “Pain Processing in the Human Nervous System,” published in the US National Library of Medicine, our brains have a limited attention capacity. This sets an interesting perspective on pain management. By using memory games or other thinking activities, the patients’ attention goes elsewhere rather than on the pain.

Four Seasons Hospice envisions a great living experience for your loved ones. We take care of them through our home health care in San Antonio, Texas, having their desired quality of life.

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