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Maintaining the Dignity of Loved Ones in Hospice

Maintaining the Dignity of Loved Ones in Hospice

People who suffer from health decline need hospice care in San Antonio Texas. At this phase of their condition, their bodies are already unable to function properly. Thus, they will need extensive help from care providers and family members to fulfill various daily chores.

Even though they need help most of the time, maintaining their dignity is also essential. How can you maintain their dignity? Here are some tips:

  • Ask how your loved ones want to receive care.

    Providing home health care in San Antonio Texas is not just plain assisting your dear ones with chores. It also takes their preferences into account.

    Be sure to ask them how they want you to take care of them. For instance, they may have a certain bedroom routine that will help them sleep right away. Help them with such a routine.

  • Respect your loved ones.

    Do not speak down on them. Instead, empathize with them. At the same time, be sure to talk to your dear ones directly if you need specific details from them. Never talk behind their back, especially about what they are going through unless it is essential to their care. Listen to their concerns and answer their questions truthfully.

  • Protect your loved ones’ privacy.

    When they need to change their clothes, be sure to close the door or cover their bodies with a towel. Whatever kind of senior care in San Antonio Texas you are providing, make sure that you keep everything private for them.

Contact Four Seasons Hospice for more details on what our staff can do to help you and your dear ones out.

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