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Managing Bedsores in Terminally Ill Loved Ones

Managing Bedsores in Terminally Ill Loved Ones

Patients in their life-limiting stage are at risk of developing bedsores. These sores, also known as skin ulcers, are skin breakouts or lesions that come from constant pressure between the skin and the surface. The sores happen when the pressure stays for a long time. This means that the patient is also maintaining the same position for extended periods.

For individuals who are receiving hospice care in San Antonio, Texas, having bedsores is common. Because of this, care providers should treat bedsores immediately or they will result in further complications. Good to know that skin ulcers are very treatable.

So, how can you help your terminally ill loved one to manage their condition to avoid bedsores or reduce their complications?

Consider the following:

  • Shift your loved one’s position every 15 minutes (when they are in wheelchairs) or every 2 hours (when they are bed-bound).
    The regular shifting reduces the pressure between the skin and the surface.
  • Ensure that your loved one’s skin is moisturized and healthy.
    This is where providers of home health care in San Antonio, Texas can assist you with especially when you’re out doing other errands.
  • Serve healthy meals to your loved one to strengthen their skin’s health.
    Even with their terminal illness, they still have nutritional needs that you should address.
  • Inspect their skin every day.
    Be extra watchful about bruises and scratches as these can be the first stages of bedsores.
  • Assist your loved one with a terminal illness to do exercises even if this is just a quick walk from their bedside to the window.
    Short exercises help improve blood circulation, which contributes to faster wound healing.
  • Report to your loved one’s health care team whenever you notice anything unusual about their skin.
    The earlier their condition is evaluated, the sooner are the treatments administered.
  • Apply pillows or foam pads at certain body parts to reduce skin contact.
    When their body has a cushion, this reduces the pressure that causes skin ulcers.
  • Ensure that your loved one and their bed or chair is dry.
    If they have incontinence issues, clean and dry them immediately. You can get assistance from providers of senior care in San Antonio, Texas so you have more help in caring for your terminally ill loved one.
  • When wounds occur, clean this with mild soap and warm water.
    Apply dressing afterward so you can prevent infection. If the wounds are also open, wash these with saline solution. Yet, when the wounds are bigger and deeper, seek skilled nurses to care and treat these sores.

Final thoughts:

Even when skin ulcers are very treatable, this can also be challenging to care for. Yet, family members need not be anxious because help is always available in caring for their loved ones. If you need recommendations on trusted hospice care providers, send a message to Four Seasons Hospice. We have a team ready to assist you.

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