Planning Wisely for Advanced Heart Failure


Heart failure is when the heart is no longer pumping as well as it should be. Congestive heart failure is a type of heart failure that requires seeking timely medical attention. This is a serious condition and usually, there is no cure. However, many people with heart failure led a full and enjoyable life when the condition is managed. Our home health care in San Antonio, Texas caters to people with this diagnosis.

But, those who have advanced heart failure may seem to suffer more. Their condition worsens over time. Patients who have advanced heart failure are in the most severe stage of the disease. Thus, it is important to plan your ways of getting by despite this condition. Planning gives you peace of mind. You should consider the different medical options you have that are available for the disease. Would you want a feeding tube, CPR, or a tube placed down your throat to help you breathe?

Anticipating future scenarios and communicating your preferences is called advanced care planning. Our hospice care in San Antonio, Texas can help you in this process. Palliative care is one of your options. Its goal is to help patients live better by relieving symptoms and improving their quality of life. On the other hand, hospice care provides comfort and support to advanced heart failure patients and their families. This is usually provided in the home by a medical team.

Making plans for how you want to spend your remaining life can be difficult. Call Four Seasons Hospice today for assistance. We also offer senior care in San Antonio, Texas.

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