Reasons You Should Talk About Hospice Sooner

Reasons You Should Talk About Hospice Sooner

The reluctance to talk about getting hospice care in San Antonio Texas is an all too common scenario. It’s not easy to accept that a loved one’s health has declined to the point that curative treatment isn’t ideal anymore. However, waiting too long until the disease has progressed will just make things more difficult for all the parties involved.

By delaying getting hospice and home health care in San Antonio Texas you are losing opportunities to be with your loved one. The sooner they leave the hospital, the sooner they’ll get relief from the aggressive treatments. The sooner they leave, the sooner they’ll have a relatively pain-free time spent with you.

Unlike common opinions, hospice care isn’t designed to just make a terminally ill patient’s last two or four weeks of life comfortable. Hospice is so much more than that. It incorporates a multidisciplinary approach to care to ensure that the patient and their family receive the support they need during this difficult time. It involves various healthcare professionals for pain and symptom management, as well as social workers, chaplains, and therapists for emotional and spiritual support.

Talk to us at Four Seasons Hospice so you can learn more about your options for hospice and senior care in San Antonio Texas.

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