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Taking Care of Loved Ones with Lung Diseases

Taking Care of Loved Ones with Lung Diseases

Many people tend to ignore acute breathing difficulties, chest pain, or a little sneeze. But, when these individuals are already in their old age, these symptoms may be significantly worrisome. Your aging loved ones may need home health care in San Antonio Texas, to monitor their lung conditions.

You can also do the following to help look after them:

  • Keep track of your loved ones’ conditions with the guidance of their healthcare team.

    You have to observe daily occurrences in your loved ones. These include their breathing patterns, quality of sleep, digestive habits, vital signs, and more. Report these occurrences to their doctors. Their provider of senior care in San Antonio Texas can teach you how to keep a health log.

  • Help them maintain a healthy weight.

    Excessive weight can make breathing difficult for those with lung conditions. Encourage your family members to eat healthy and exercise regularly.

    At the same time, be sure that they are not too full every meal. A full stomach can put stress on the diaphragm, affecting their breathing.

  • Improve air quality at home.

    Keep your home clean by vacuuming dust, fur, dander, and mites regularly. Also, be sure not to use strong-smelling air fresheners or cleaning solutions.

Caring for family members who have lung conditions can be challenging. Four Seasons Hospice is here to provide assistance, ensuring that you and your loved ones receive the health care services that you need. We offer a variety of care programs, including hospice care in San Antonio Texas. Give us a call today!

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