The Challenges of Transitioning to Hospice Care


Starting hospice care can be difficult for patients, families, and caregivers. Even just starting a conversation about hospice care in San Antonio Texas can be challenging. This is why a lot of people find their transition to hospice care overwhelming. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be challenging. This blog will help you and your loved ones overcome these challenges and transition healthily to hospice care.

  • Conflicts in discussing hospice care
    Family members and patients often find themselves arguing when discussing hospice care because they are clouded with emotions. Choosing a calm and private atmosphere to open up care options for patients in senior care in San Antonio Texas will help prevent arguments.
  • Fragmented care
    This is one of the concerns in transitioning to hospice care. Fragmented care happens when providers of home health care in San Antonio Texas lack coordination in sustaining and improving concurrent care. Finding a care provider who offers a comprehensive health assessment, individualized care plan, and care referral with community partners will help reduce fragmentation.
  • Hospice team qualifications
    While a resounding “no” or “not yet” cannot be avoided when transitioning to hospice care, having a hospice care team who can support the decisions of patients and families and offer their undivided attention will help ease the transition. Thus, VA Contracted hospice care providers should continuously improve their standards in employing and deploying hospice care professionals.

Four Seasons Hospice offers well-coordinated care services to patients and families. You can trust our multidisciplinary team to help you throughout the process of hospice care.

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