Things We Often Assume About Death


Despite death being a natural part of life, not all of us are quite accustomed to the fact that it happens in the most unexpected ways. We often compare it to previous situations or past experiences, expecting that the outcome will be the same.

The following are lessons that our hospice care in San Antonio Texas, has learned and experienced over years of service.

  • Death is the same every time.
    No. Just like how we lived life, death is also unique for everyone. However, the human psyche is incredibly averse to ambiguity. From our experience as a provider of senior care in San Antonio Texas, there are many sides to the end of life, and there are different ways how we should cope and learn from them.
  • People don’t want to be alone when they die.
    Some people may feel guilty for not being there for their loved ones. Knowing that you weren’t there to provide comfort during the end of their life can be difficult to process. However, dying is a private experience, and it’s helpful to set this expectation early on. Communicate with your loved ones about how they want their send-off to be: to be surrounded by loved ones or spend it alone.

Seeing and experiencing death happen to someone close to you is hard, and we understand that. Take the time to process and heal from your experience. Letting go is part of acceptance.

Let Four Seasons Hospice help you during this challenging time in your life. We offer home health care in San Antonio, Texas, which focuses on your or your loved one’s comfort, wellness, and peace as they age or recover.

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