Tips for Talking with a Person who is about to Expire

Summer is upon us. But unlike other families, you are approaching this season with a different tone because a loved one is about to expire from this world.

Talking to someone you know who is expiring is extremely hard. What should you talk about with a person who is about to depart this life? What are the different dos and don’ts of approaching someone who will be meeting his or her maker?

Four Seasons Hospice, a provider of Hospice Care in San Antonio Texas, lists some tips on how to converse with your loved one:

  • Follow the lead of your beloved

    Once you think you want to talk about a certain topic with expiring loved ones, you may be impatient in bringing up the topic once and for all. This is especially when the topic you want to bring up is about their current state.

    It is normal that you may feel that humor and laughter are distracting. And if you were to talk about passing away, you would find the topic awkward and embarrassing. However, it is extremely important that you consider the needs of the patient.

    You have to look and listen for cues when they want to bring the topic up. And when they do bring it up, listen. And do not hesitate to ask more questions so that you will understand more about their last requests and wishes.

  • Let them become aware of their own well-being

    Sometimes, it is tempting to keep your precious’ current health status unknown, especially when the doctor revealed that he or she is on the clock. You know what, we think it is better you tell them. It will give them more time to think what they want to do and how they want to spend the remainder of their lives.

  • Ask for forgiveness

    We are not perfect. There may be times where you wronged your loved ones or you may have said hurtful things towards them. Now is the perfect time to ask for forgiveness or to finally let go of grudges. If you do not, you will be consumed with regrets for the years to come.

    No matter what response you will be given, it would still be an open door for more opportunities to explore.

  • Express your gratitude

    There are millions of ways on how you can express your gratitude. One is investing in a Senior Care in San Antonio Texas. Expert providers of Home Health Care in San Antonio Texas help make your elders’ life more convenient and honorable.

    Here at Four Seasons Hospice, we help families cope with diseases as well as a future loss. We understand your need of a person who can be your shoulder to lean on.

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