Understanding the Grieving Process


Grieving is not a one-time event that just passes. Grieving comes through different phases at different speeds for each individual. Grieving can be similarly painful but at the same time different for each person.

Understanding grieving is the first step to help our loved ones and ourselves get into the healing stage. The more we understand what others are experiencing, the more we realize the things we can and cannot do.

There is no single way to grieve— no right or wrong. There are no standard or predictable stages. As such, you do not need to compare yourself to anything. What you or your loved one feels is legitimate.

In some cases, extreme emotions can happen, and it is perfectly normal. Do not judge others because they show different emotions from time to time. Show that you are there for them through it all.

With grieving as a unique experience, comes the note that there is no timetable for it. Some people can take days or weeks. Others can have it longer. There is no need to feel pressured and keep up with the others’ progress. Take your own pace.

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