What Are the Risk Factors for Complicated Grief?


Grief is a normal response to loss. And for most people, while grieving is a difficult process, they can eventually accept loss, adjust to a new reality, and then move forward.

However, some experience what is called complicated grief where their feelings of loss do not go away or even get worse. Complicated grief often results in loved ones being unable to resume their life a year after their loss to the point where they would need to delegate some of their tasks to others. For instance, they may need to enlist the help of a provider of senior care in San Antonio Texas to care for senior members of the family.

So, what makes a person more likely to suffer from complicated grief than others?

As your trusted provider of hospice care in San Antonio Texas ourselves at Four Seasons Hospice, we’re listing down the risks for complicated grief everyone must know. These include:

  • Being female
  • An unexpected or violent death such as a car accident or suicide
  • A particularly close relationship with the deceased
  • Loss or lack of support system
  • A history of mental health disorders such as depression and/or PTSD
  • Major life stressors

Knowing the risks that increase the possibility of developing complicated grief is important to ensure early intervention can be provided.

For families whose loved one is receiving hospice and home health care in San Antonio Texas, making sure to take advantage of bereavement counseling helps prevent negative thoughts and beliefs from rooting as well as having a solid support system.

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