What to Do When Your Loved One with Terminal Illness Doesn’t Want to Eat

What to Do When Your Loved One with Terminal Illness Doesn’t Want to Eat

The more our loved ones get sicker, the more their appetite decreases. That is why as their family members, we still need to make sure that they get their daily nutrition. But it is not always easy, convincing them to eat more might be a hard and challenging task. That is why availing of home health care in San Antonio Texas is important so you can coordinate with care professionals in ensuring the health and comfort of your loved ones.

Here are some tips that you should follow to encourage your loved ones to eat:

  • Serve small portions and offer small, frequent meals throughout the day
  • Served meals when your loved ones have the most energy and pain-free
  • Instant breakfast mixes can already serve as a meal and don’t force foods on them
  • Make sure that they are hydrated always, but if they don’t want to drink offer ice chips
  • Make high-calorie snacks/supplements available always and limit the use of low-calorie foods

If you have a loved one diagnosed with chronic illness and they all just want to spend their remaining years in the comfort of their home, the best decision that you can do is to avail hospice care in San Antonio Texas for them.

We at Four Seasons Hospice, are dedicated to providing physical, emotional, social, and spiritual support to our patients and allowing them, including their families, to receive end-of-life care characterized by dignity, choice, and comfort.

Our agency is the one you can trust if you are looking for highly skilled and compassionate caregivers who can deliver exceptional senior care in San Antonio Texas.

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