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What Words of Comfort to Say to a Terminally Ill Person

What Words of Comfort to Say to a Terminally Ill Person

For your loved one diagnosed with a terminal condition, they may have repeated thoughts of the end of life. These thoughts can trigger distress and push any person to an emotional low.

As their family members, you have a crucial role to play as the messenger of comfort. The words you speak can uplift them when you know what to say.

But what kind of words should you say? After all, grief can also take away our words, is that correct? In our experience of providing hospice care in San Antonio, Texas, we understand how this emotional journey can be struggling. Yet, there are words that can be comforting to someone who is in their last days.

In saying these comforting words, here are some guidelines:

  • I love you.
    Love is a very powerful force in the world. Even to someone who is counting the days, your assurance of love can give strength. No one wants to be alone while journeying the end of life. When you affirm your love to them, it helps them realize that the end is not lonely. This can give them the courage to transition in peace.
  • Forgive me.
    As a provider of senior care in San Antonio, Texas, we have also seen how forgiveness and reconciliation have brought joy and peace to a person with a terminal illness. Whether they are the person who did the wrong or someone who received it, forgiveness can release them the burden of anger and resentment. This is an unnecessary burden when they have to cross over the next life.
  • I’m here to listen.
    When loved ones have a terminal disease, they can be disturbed about thoughts of regrets, worry, and fear of the future. While these thoughts can be normal, these can also be depressing to your family member. However, they still need to vent out their thoughts. Let them know that you are ready to listen and that you will not judge them for whatever they will share. This can give them confidence and comfort, knowing that they can release negative emotions.
  • I’m sorry this is difficult for you.
    For people with terminal conditions, they also need to hear that you validate their feelings. Nobody can truly understand and feel what they are feeling. However, they need to know that these emotions are something that they should not be ashamed or be guilty of. Try to empathize as much as you can so that you can be genuine in making validating statements.

At Four Seasons Hospice, we feel your sense of helplessness when someone close is nearing their end of life. For this reason, we commit ourselves to provide exceptional home health care in San Antonio, Texas. Our services can help provide quality of life to someone with a terminal illness. This way, you can make the most of your time talking and just being with them.

So if you need hospice care, contact us.

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