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What You Should Know about Kidney Failure

What You Should Know about Kidney Failure

Those living with kidney failure often take advantage of home health care in San Antonio Texas. Through these services, care providers can help manage their health conditions as well as complete their home chores.

  • Defining Kidney Failure
    Just like other organs in your body, your kidneys play a huge role in your health. The kidneys filter body wastes. If they are unable to do so, it can lead to a life-threatening situation. Engaging hospice care in San Antonio Texas may even be necessary at this point.
  • Causes of Kidney Failure
    Sudden loss of blood flow to your kidneys, such as those resulting from dehydration or heart attack, can lead to kidney failure. Another cause is when you have trouble eliminating urine from the body. Infections, alcohol, drugs, and toxins from heavy metals are also significant reasons.
  • Symptoms of Kidney Failure
    Some of the symptoms of kidney failure include chest pains, swelling on your lower limbs, reduced amount of urine, confusion, seizures, and even coma. When you notice lesser urine output, be sure to visit your physician right away. Your doctor can conduct various tests to come up with an accurate diagnosis.
  • Treatment for Kidney Failure
    Keep in mind that there are different types of kidney failure. The treatment you will undergo depends on the type you have. Treatment options may include dialysis and kidney transplant.

Four Seasons Hospice understands how challenging living with kidney failure is. We provide hospice and senior care in San Antonio Texas to help you navigate through the situation and other health conditions present. Call us today!

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